luni, 21 noiembrie 2016

We had an amazing couples experience with a Royal Oak escort

Not long ago my significant other and I wanted to have a threesome with an amazing escort that would satisfy our every need and desire. Someone that would be open minded enough to indulge with us in a BDSM experience, that would be willing to give us a pornstar experience, that would do a level and OWO and that would know how to make us both feel comfortable enough to have an amazing time in her company.

This is how we started browsing the internet in search of the perfect escort and the perfect escort agency that would make all our dreams come true and that will make our fantasies come to life. We found out  about a very professional and discreet agency named Nyx Escorts. They were advertised as being the only escort agency in London that would provide its every customer with unique and personalized experience according to their even most exigent requirements. Thus we called them and told them about our fantasy and they promised to deliver the best services we could ever imagine with their amazing Royal Oak escort, Carina.

And I have to be honest with you, nothing could compare to the beauty that Carina had, she was a perfect little east European vixen that was very open minded and had a really great adventurous attitude. She was ready to satisfy our every need and desire and she was extremely experienced in BDSM, she took all the punishment that we delivered like a real professional and she was very comfortable with having toys deep inside her while my significant other was playing with a strap on and going a level on her. This amazing escort showed us the time of our lives, she was fun, exciting and eager to please in any way that we wanted.

Nyx Escorts truly delivered everything that we wanted, they made our dreams come true with the help of Carina and they helped us spice up our sex life with services that seemed out of this world. They really are the best escort agency in London mainly due to their professionalism and due to the way they treat their every customer. Nothing can or ever will compare to the moments we had in the company of Carina and to how amazingly adventurous and eager she was. If we are to recommend the services of an escort agency, we would recommend Nyx Escorts. 

miercuri, 16 noiembrie 2016

The most exciting experience with a Chelsea call girl

A few weeks ago I met Carina, a wonderful Chelsea escort from Nyx Escorts. She is a very adventurous brown haired woman that surprised me with her eagerness to serve my every need and desire. I loved the fact that she had a great suite of talents and skills and she knew how to use them. When I first contacted Nyx Escorts to set up a meeting with her, I  was told by their people that I will have a very personalised and unique experience according to even my most exigent requirements. I felt really excited that I could finally have all the thrills that only a really experienced  woman can provide you with, I very much wanted to try out a level, BDSM, 69 and domination experiences with someone, but as we all know, not all women are willing to try new things. Thankfully when I first met Carina I instantly knew that I am going to have the time of my life in the company of a very professional and experienced woman.

And I was right, Nyx Escorts truly kept their word and delivered their services with great professionalism and discretion. Carina was nothing less than absolutely amazing, she had really, really great skills that made my blood rush through my veins and that made my pulse raise when she had her lips wrapped around me giving me the perfect OWO. The way she used her magical touch to satisfy my every need and to take me to the peaks of ecstasy was nothing less than pure perfection. Carina knew exactly what to do and where to touch me so that I would understand the true meaning of pleasure. Nothing could or ever will compare to the time I spent with this lovely Chelsea escort. She was so eager to satisfy every little pleasure of mine and to play with me that I wanted to have her again and again. Our time spent together was full of excitement, Carina would stop at nothing from showing me the time of my life and from giving me an experience that I would never forget. All the beautiful moments we shared together will forever remain in my heart and the flame of lust and passion that this amazing east European escort sparked in my soul will make me want to return to her again and again.

Nyx Escorts truly are the best escort agency in London.